Write a history, be a part of any development in this beloved country as an honor to always give the best contribution.

We believe, the best power is the power possessed by each individual. Through a solid partnership, the solutions we offer into a new energy for an achievement of development goals. A proof in Humpuss Group which has more than 30 years of serving the nation.

PT Humpuss Trading as a subsidiary Humpuss Group which has more than 20 years to move dynamically and harmoniously in accordance with market conditions, supported by human resources that are reliable, which implement an active role as a company that has the capability of human resources skilled, professional and integrity in Energy trading activities.

From the great hope which always gives us, cheering every trip from time to time to keep it happen. Believe in what we do, working hard for the benefit and quality of life better.

From here, all dreams will come true.



Managing Director